The purpose of any good drugstore is to help people get better sooner and in a more meaningful way; the purpose that at My Canadian Pharmacy is accentuated by several important nuances.

  • Tested quality products
  • More value for less money
  • Full range of patient services
  • Exclusive deals every day
  • Bonus pills for every order
  • Free shipping offers
  • Informational support
  • Increased site security


A Decade of High-Profile Experience

We have been around since 2003, earning customer trust and years of valuable experience, extending our expertise.

Great user experience

Nine out of ten customers report our services as excellent; the needs underwhelmed customers are invariably met post-factum.

Special Money-Saving Offers

Canadian Pharmacy is synonymous with budget shopping: our low prices are made lower still by promotion sales, discount codes and more.


Along the general lines of creating more opportunities for healthier living, My Canadain Pharmacy was launched to help customers find better offers for drugs in different categories. The purpose of such a service is to take second-guessing out of the equation: the experts working for us ascertain the trustworthiness of healthcare products and drug suppliers, so that you can take this weight of consideration off your shoulder.

Roughly, the algorithm of our professional actions can be described in the following steps:

  • Out of popular drugs, we choose those produced by the most reliable manufacturers;
  • Out of the drugs by the best manufacturers, we choose the most effective ones;
  • Out of the most effective drugs, we choose the most reasonably priced ones.

Having done all of the above, we compile the most attractive offers for widely assorted medications and publish them on our website. The next thing we do is negotiating discounts, alerting customers about sales and distributing bonuses.

Becoming a customer of My Canadian Pharmacy and a registered subscribed to our newsletters automatically grants you access to the most economical deals from the entire Web. Alternatively, you can keep your guest status, learning about the offers that are of interest to you from the news published on our site. Apart from that, you can use our service as a reliable source of news and other materials related to health, healthcare and medicine in general. Information about drugs and diseases provided by experts on our pages is available to everyone, which is an added value. As you can see, the ways in which My Canadian Pharmacy in USA can benefit are numerous. But whichever you choose, we guarantee you quality, honesty and consistency that cannot be found anywhere else!

A Decade of High-Profile Experience

We have been around since 2003, earning customer trust and years of valuable experience, extending our expertise.

Great user experience

Nine out of ten customers report our services as excellent; the needs underwhelmed customers are invariably met post-factum.

Special Money-Saving Offers

Canadian Pharmacy is synonymous with budget shopping: our low prices are made lower still by promotion sales, discount codes and more.



Effective drugs against prostate diseases, hormonal issues, sexual problems and other conditions ailing male patients


Elaborately assorted, this group can be singled out in a separate cluster: find ED drugs of every type, dose and cost


We help you take better care of asthma and related conditions with affordable drugs that greatly improve life quality


High-quality life-saving anti-bacterial drugs that cannot be replaced: a diversified range of antibiotics for low prices

Why Choose My Canadian Pharmacy Company

My Canadian Pharmacy: A Concept In Itself

Straight off the bat, let us point out that the title of a people’s choice drugstore that we carry with pride is not self-proclaimed: if you take time for a little research on the Web, you will find that certain products and services are invariably associated with the name of My Canadian Pharmacy. Moreover, we are a leading service in providing inexpensive but high quality drugs against the majority of men’s health problems, according to the major search engines. The feedback that our customers leave is almost always positive. And on top of it all, we always have offers that are 100% exclusive and allow you to partake of unique health-benefitting opportunities – all for less money than you would pay for similar, but not as exquisite, products and services elsewhere.

The concept of My Canadian Pharmacy was thus brought about by welding reliable quality and economic affordability, but over the years, it has grown to include so much more. The name of Canadian Pharmacy came to denote a high level of customer comfort, security and additional services that make this place a unique venue, accessible internationally.

The People Behind The Company

All of the above has enriched us in a way that is essentially inimitable: with more than a decade of experience in the field. This, and the fact that we constantly pursue perfection in everything we do, hiring only the best specialists in our trade, has made us USA’s number one drugstore operating online and dispensing products for sexual health, as well as other pharmacological items.

It stands to reason that in order to provide reliable expertise in each and every service that we offer, we needed to build a team whose skills, mastery and experience meet the high standards imposed by the industry. We approached head-hunting in a way that could be called pedantic: good education in the field, years of experience and valuable personal qualities were not enough for us to welcome a new team member aboard. Our goal was to find people as enthusiastic as our management, zealous in promoting healthier lifestyles while dispensing pharmacy products. And looking at our team today, we can proudly say that this endeavor of ours was a phenomenal success.

This team of enthusiastic experts started back in the early aughts, growing extensively and offering more and more products and services every year. By this time, we can quote the lowest prices for high-quality drugs in a dozen of assorted categories, all amounting to several hundreds of frequently searched-after positions, as well as under-the-radar, rare items that are challenging to score in other places. It is this unique combination of great offer and unbeatable price that allows us to attract and keep our customers year in, year out. Would you like to hear how My Canadian Pharmacy can benefit you? Read on!

You Are Our Priority: Customer Status With My Canadian Pharmacy

From the very first moment of your acquaintance with My Canadian Pharmacy through our website, you are guaranteed to feel a substantial difference in quality of everything that is important to a customer. A comprehensively structured layout, volumes of information concerning health, medicine and pharmacology matters, and naturally, only hand-picked products at breathtakingly accessible prices – this is only the tip of the iceberg that awaits you here. Let us point out the most essential advantages that our users enjoy a first-row access to:

Happy purchase. All our customers have at least one thing in common: they do not agree to compromise on quality. This is exactly why everyone who doesn’t believe in saving money at the cost of subpar quality come to our pharmacy: here, it is the job of several trained experts to filter offers from drug manufacturers in search for the best pills at the most attractive price.

Low prices. Remember that the very purpose of My Canadian Pharmacy is to find and compile the best offers from the best drug manufacturers, so it is but natural that the prices that we quote for the items you see listed are the lowest you can possibly find on the Internet. Of course, these are the best prices for the good quality that stands behind every drug and solution we have in stock, so we strongly recommend you reconsidering purchasing medicines whose price drops even lower than ours – never a sign of robust quality.

Secure payment. Our website has a reserved area where all the sensitive information and payment processing is happening, and within this area you are as safe as in the privacy of your own home. The safety of every customer placing an order or simply sharing their personal information is protected by cutting-edge technologies.

Reliable delivery. Not only are the delivery methods we use speedy and safe, but they are also absolutely confidential and anonymous. Thus, the nature of products you order from us is never stated on the envelope, which is plain and unmarked. To take the reliability of our delivery services one level higher still, we suggest that you use Shipping Insurance – you can even get it for free (to learn more about that, check out our Terms).

Traditional Values & Innovative Tools

The world of pharmacy business has seen a lot of changes over the past two decades, with the obviously revolutionary expansion over the Internet. True it is that technologies help us distribute healthcare products and services with more speed and precision. But another thing is also true: some customer needs can never be replaced by technological leaps and bounds, simply because their nature is purely qualitative, not quantitative. We are now speaking of the traditionally valued points of any tried-and-true chemists that have never changed since the day the first drug was invented: quality, effectiveness, safety, reliability, attention to detail, respect to customers.

All of these customary values mentioned above strongly bred in our purpose. In order to ascertain their duly implementation, we exercise thorough quality control of the produce we refer to on our website using every tool available. These fine filters ensure the availability of strictly top-notch effectiveness and safety of goods, while our trusted team members have all the customer-related aspects covered.

Closing the loop, we come back to innovative technologies that enable us to provide our services with more precision, effectiveness and promptness. These mutually enhancing attributes make for a perfectly balanced system that makes sure that no customer need ever falls through the cracks.


My Canadian Pharmacy in the words of your fellow-shoppers

I surely felt the difference when summing up our quarterly expenses for drugs. I appreciate low prices, good quality and reliable shipping. MCP is a dependable service and I never fail to recommend to our friends and family.

Jennifer, Sanfransicso Area

I can count of being helped out by advice or in a more practical way any time I have a problem. The prices are great, the quality, too. What else can one wish for?

Daniel, Atlanta, GA


Cheaper ED Drugs Like Viagra – And All-Time Hits In Other Categories

Drugs For Every Ailment: Affordable & Effective Solutions

Being a budget-priced drugstore means helping customers save money on every level of our operating. We achieve this through seeing the whole picture and considering every detail of it. When it comes down to logistics, you cannot find a more reasonable planner than My Canadian Pharmacy. It is for the sake of better shipping opportunities that we provide a well-diversified offer in twenty different health categories – order everything you and your family members need at one spot and save on delivery fees. Besides, bigger orders means bigger discounts – a double win!

Tried-and-true solutions for men’s and women’s health, mental health, asthma, skin and eye care, GIT, diabetes, cancer can be found alongside with pain relief, antibiotics, sleep aid, and cholesterol drugs. Antiallergic, asthma, weight loss and nicotine dependence solutions are readily available at our pharmacy. And of course, we have plenty of popular meds for general health, as well as high quality vitamins and herbal supplements.

Important! We remind our customers that any drug should be used according to doctor’s recommendations after careful professional considerations of benefits vs. risks ratio. Herbal supplements and vitamins are no exception to the general rule.

Viagra From My Canadian Pharmacy: Our Signature Product

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) does not need introduction, since its name is on everybody’s lips, starting from healthcare professionals and all the way to mass media. The famous blue pill is said to work miracles on men’s sexual system, and these words are well-grounded and backed with two decades of successful and safe implementation in practical medicine.

Viagra pills that you can order at My Canadian Pharmacy are manufactured by generic producers and therefore costs only a fraction of the price charged for the originally produced drug. However, its pharmacological characteristics are all retained, as well as its safety, efficacy and simplicity of use. Generic Viagra at our drugstore has another obvious advantage: a wider range of doses and forms. Opting for stronger-dosed Viagra Professional or chewable Kamagra Oral Jelly can make all the difference for more demanding patients.

Viagra does not act as an aphrodisiac; the drug requires natural sexual excitement to occur in order to help achieve erection. Erections achieved with Viagra are hard, controllable and lasting. The time of Viagra duration is 4 to 6 hours (subject to variation based on individual response and the dose used). Viagra boasts the highest efficacy percentage among analogous drugs – it is reported to be effective in 82% of men.

Cialis, Levitra And Their Generics At My Canadian Pharmacy

Cialis (the active substance tadalafil citrate) is Viagra’s traditional follow-up in any scientific conversation related to the problem of ED drugs. Chronologically, this is not correct, since the launching of Viagra in 1998 was followed by Levitra (vardenafil citrate) in 2003, while Cialis had not appeared until later in the fall that year. However, Levitra remains, until that day, outshined by the two rivaling blockbusting pills, although it has an undeniable advantage of being the safest drug out of the three, while providing effects very similar in intensity and duration to Viagra.

So what does Cialis have to offer? While Viagra is traditionally considered the most effective and impactful of its family (professionally referred to as phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors, or PDE5 inhibitors), Cialis boasts an unparalleled longevity. Tadalafil remains active in the body for solid 36 hours, which is quite a step from Viagra’s 4 hours. Those preferring Cialis to Viagra and Levitra point out another essential upside of tadalafil: its compatibility with alcohol and practically any type of food.

Just like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra both have a long list of generics differing in active ingredient dose, form and purpose. On the pages of My Canadian Pharmacy you will find detailed descriptions, instructions and expert tips on how to choose your perfect ED drug and achieve maximal health results while minimizing the risks of their side effects.

Discount And Coupons For ED Drugs At My Canadian Pharmacy

We promised you right away that shopping with My Canadian Pharmacy is beyond economic – and we live up to this promise, every step we take. Starting from thoroughly monitored and selected price offers from the world’s most renowned drug manufacturer’s and all the way down to bonuses, delivery offers and other such money-saving tools, everything here contributes to this purpose.

  • Affordable prices – the signature feature at My Canadian Pharmacy, discussed in detail above.
  • Bonus and Free pills (4 pills of either Viagra or Cialis, of your choice). We include four pills of Viagra / Cialis in every single order you make. This happens no matter what amount of money you order for.
  • Discount coupons. You can find those with up to 10% off any product at our drugstore on the website or in your inbox, if you are a subscriber to Canadian Pharmacy newsletters.
  • Sales alerts. Alerts about seasonal and other sales come directly to your email if you opt in to our news.
  • Individual discount. An unparalleled service that is only available exclusively for My Canadian Pharmacy customers. You send us a request stating the items chosen, and we give you our offer that is guaranteed to make you happy.


There is no denying that one of the most popular drugs in the world is notorious Sildenafil that many people know simply as Viagra. Ever since its initial introduction several decades ago, this medication has been extremely dominant in the market. This domination is a product of both great effectiveness and incredibly condensed and highly efficient marketing that made this drug into a...

In 1991, in a small town in Wales, a group of men gathered at a local hospital to participate in a clinical trial of a new drug developed to treat angina (heart pain). The effect on the heart was moderate, but most men reported an interesting side effect – strong erections. The pharmaceutical company who had ordered the drug – Pfizer – got interested and gave a green light...

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