Buying Medications from Online Canadian Pharmacies: Advantages and Disadvantages

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What do you think about the prices of medications in your country? Are they affordable and reasonable enough? For example, in the USA, about 25% of citizens claim that they experience certain financial problems when it comes to buying prescription drugs. Indeed, drug prices grow year after year in the USA, similar to the situation in other countries. Consequently, millions of drug consumers all around the world cannot bear those skyrocketing increases anymore and have to search for some alternative solutions. And one of the most popular options is to buy medications abroad, for example, in Canada. It is also noteworthy that in most cases patients turn to online Canadian pharmacies, since purchasing medicines on the Internet provides numerous benefits.

The Pluses of Online Canadian Pharmacies

  1. Canada is a well-developed country with the excellent quality of medical services and medications. No doubt, you can be sure that the Canadian government provides the proper control over the quality and safety of medicines sold within the country. So, there is no need to worry about counterfeit products or any other associated risks.
  2. In Canada, medicines are sold at reasonable prices. The point is that the local government has introduced the regulation of drug prices. Consequently, manufacturers cannot set any prices they want. In Canada, there is the special agency that checks whether the prices proposed by pharma companies correspond to the prices of the same products in other countries with the similar economic situation. In other words, this agency makes sure that Canadians do not overpay for medications. As a result, drug prices in Canada are lower than in many other countries. For example, if to compare the level of prices in Canada and in the USA, it will turn out that Americans can save 70% on average by switching to Canadian drugstores.
  3. At most online Canadian pharmacies medications are cheaper than at local offline facilities. No doubt, when a drugstore operates online, its owner can save on renting and maintaining branch pharmacies, which allows him to lower prices. In addition, for running an online platform one needs fewer employees, which also contributes to a decrease in prices.
  4. Using the services of an online Canadian drugstore, you will get an opportunity to buy all the medications and healthcare products, which you need, in one place. That will save you much time and effort. The majority of Canadian drugstores that operate on the Internet offer hundreds of prescription and over-the-counter medicines for treating both acute and chronic diseases and disorders, as well as a good selection of other items for taking care of health and beauty. No doubt, it is easier and cheaper to form a large assortment of products, when you run an online drugstore.
  5. Buying medications on the Internet will help you save plenty of time and effort. Placing an order on such a platform takes just several minutes. As a rule, customers are offered a user-friendly website that is very easy to use. In most cases you can deal with all the issues online and without any external help: look through the catalog, find the products, prescribed by your doctor, get acquainted with the instructions and other useful information about them, make payments. Furthermore, you will not even have to visit a post office to receive the package, you can use courier delivery services.
  6. Most Canadian online pharmacies offer a wide range of premium-quality generics. What are generics? These are the copies of brand drugs that include the same active substances and treat the same health problems, but cost much less. Generics can be produced by any licensed pharma company in any corner of the world after a patent on an original product expires. Since those companies, which manufacture such copies, do not invest money in developing, testing and patenting procedures, they get an opportunity to significantly reduce prices. Besides, they can produce generics in a developing country and save on salaries as well. As a result, customers can buy the same product at a much lower price ― up to 90%. It is also crucial to highlight that, buying generics, you will not face any quality or safety risks, since the production of such medications is monitored by governmental bodies, similar to the situation with brand products.
  7. Internet pharmacies in Canada run all sorts of promotions on a regular basis. Consequently, if you subscribe to the newsletter of the platform chosen, you will get an opportunity to plan your purchases beforehand and to reduce your expenses even more.
  8. Such companies also offer highly-profitable loyalty programs to steady customers. Sure, when you find the reliable website with a sufficient assortment and attractive prices, you will probably use its services on a constant basis. And that will provide you with the access to special offers that are exclusively developed for loyal buyers.
  9. The majority of online Canadian drugstores offer free online consultations with licensed pharmacists. No doubt, when it comes to choosing medications, most customers need professional assistance from time to time. In the case of an online Canadian pharmacy you can ask any questions about any products from a catalog on the Internet via the chat or other means of communication. A team of experienced pharmacists is at your service 24/7. By the way, in most cases such consultations are provided on an anonymous basis, so that customers can feel comfortable and freely discuss intimate health problems.
  10. Such websites provide users with 100% privacy. No doubt, any kind of information on your health should be kept private. But, when you visit a local drugstore in your neighborhood, there is always a risk that you will meet your neighbors, friends or just acquaintances, and that can be quite embarrassing. In fact, even if you do not know anyone from the people standing in the line behind you, that may be embarrassing as well. On the other hand, when you order from an online Canadian pharmacy, you do not have to worry about such problems. In fact, most companies will not even specify any details about your order on the package, so that even the members of your family will not learn, which medicines you use, if you do not want them to.

The Drawbacks of the Use of Such Websites

  1. You may need some time to get accustomed to buying medications online. But it is not likely to take much time. There is a good chance that you will see the benefits of this option straight away.
  2. Ordering medicines abroad involves using international delivery, which may take up to several weeks. Sure, the waiting period will depend on your place of residence and on the shipping option chosen. In most cases you can order express delivery for an extra fee.
  3. There are websites that sell counterfeit products or get money out of customers in other dishonest ways. Consequently, it is crucial to thoroughly examine a website before placing an order for the first time. Experienced users and experts recommend paying attention to the following details:
  4. the period of operation (avoid using the platforms that have recently entered the market, since it will be difficult to check their reliability);
  5. the contact methods (make sure you can get in touch with the support team if needed);
  6. the customers’ feedback (keep in mind that you can read reviews both on the website of the drugstore and on third-party platforms);
  7. the level of prices (compare prices on several platforms and avoid using the websites offering the discounts that seem to be too generous, in most cases these are frauds).

To sum up, buying medications from an online Canadian pharmacy is a good way to significantly reduce expenses without putting the health at risk. The main point is to find a trustworthy platform that will offer a large assortment of medicines and healthcare items, reasonable prices, international shipping, round-the-clock support and privacy protection. So, stop doubting and make a try.

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